The unique qualities of Express Road Freight

  • Safe: in the EU, 8.2 billion EUROS worth of freight and lorries is being stolen annually. Organised crime increases, more and more violence is involved. All buildings and rolling stock within our network are TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) certified and/or TAPA compliant.
  • Fast: an agreement is an agreement. We deliver your high-quality goods according to appointment, exactly in time, within the service agreements (Express and Economy), at the agreed destination.
  • Damage-free: your freight goes directly to our TAPA certified hub in Northamptonshire in Central-England. A minimum of transfer locations and transport movements prevents damage and loss.
  • Fine meshed distribution: we distribute your goods from our secure, central depot. We do NOT use a pallet network. Damage risks – mainly occurring during loading and unloading - are minimised by as few as possible transfers/reloads of freight.
  • Reliable: the means of transport we use, are all equipped with advanced security technology, the buildings are fenced and safeguarded, internal and external CCTV is applied, and we regularly monitor the attitude and behaviour of our staff. On the way we only use safeguarded and manned parking areas.
  • Innovative: we closely track and trace your freight with the help or our transport management system. This is how we avoid ‘late deliveries’ and are able to inform you in time in the event of emergencies or calamities. Thanks to among others this system, we are proud to realise 99.8% delivery reliability!

You create and prepare your shipments within your own customer domain, which also allows you to track and trace your freight. The system supplies you with all information concerning the history and freight documents. 

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